How to Use an Hour on the Tennis Court

Due to popular demand I will share with you the most efficient way we have devised to use an hour of court time with your hitting partner –

IMG_0615[1]5 minutes – start in at the net with your hitting partner, exchanging volleys and half-volleys, getting “your touch on”.


5 minutes – hit from “the deep” – 3 feet behind the baseline. Measure your hitting power at the moment and “calibrate your joystick” realizing that every shot you make that stays in exists within the range limits you should bring to the rallies.

IMG_0736[1]10 minutes – hitting from baseline – regular exchange, concentrate on feeling how much power and touch are required to make your lanes, angles and shots.

petra5 minutes – continue exchange from baseline, but initiated by one player’s serve. Focus on delivering a consistent second serve before working on your aces.

IMG_0725[1]5 minutes – continue exchange from baseline, but initiated by the other player’s serve. Important: make sure to serve continuously for the allotted time before switching with your partner – rotating the serve after each delivery detracts from the warm-up value.

IMG_0579[1]5 minutes – water break! you worked hard, you deserve it, stay hydrated.


DSC00429[1]20 minutes – Race to 4 – no tiebreaker, first one to win 4 games, wins. If you play with a regular partner then whoever lost last time serves first next time.


5 minutes – straight exchange from baseline. Known as the “Golden Five”, you will inevitably find the final rally exchanges the best and most rewarding of the hour and will meet the most important requirement of leaving on a good note.


DJ Skoal




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