Episode 47- The Curious Case of Nick Kyrgios [Podcast]

A man and his racquet

On this overdue edition of the Urban Tennis podcast, we discuss the fallout of Nick Kyrgios’ brash comments, Murray’s marathon win in Montreal, if Belinda Bencic is poised to become WTA’s next breakout star and how virtual reality might figure into the future promotion of tennis?

  • Nick Kyrgios created a legitimate maelstrom in Montreal when he was caught on court thrashing Stan Wawrinka’s personal life and the resulting fallout led to ATP fines, players commentating in response and Kyrgios becoming public enemy number one throughout the tennis world.  Will this incident mark the end of civility that has dominated the Roger Federer era and is that a bad thing? Plus, should Kyrgios be further punished (suspension, Davis Cup) and how can he work to repair his reputation in the locker room? (1:40)
  • In actual tennis news, Andy Murray finally overcame Novak Djokovic’s Masters 1000 stranglehold to win his third Rogers…

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