Wimbledon 2015: Grounds Pass Highlights

When Rain Stops Play

Being, for one short, blissful summer, out of education, unemployed, and almost entirely without constraints, I’m getting seriously stuck in to the Championships this year. Despite being on site every day last year, my position as ‘Night Housekeeper’ pretty much scuppered any and all chance of watching the tennis. I’m making up for lost time in 2015.
I went up on Tuesday and got in the queue at around 2.30, having absolutely nothing better to do with my afternoon. Wasn’t feeling too hopeful when handed a card marked 10482, but found myself waiting in great company – as has happened every year; either the knowledge that you’re going to be stuck with your neighbours for several hours forces people to bring out the best of their social skills, or committed tennis fans really are a pleasant bunch.
We made it in shortly after 5.30; I’d got quite invested in predicting…

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