All Together Now (2014 ATP World Tour Finals)

A man and his racquet

Even though we just saw Kei Nishikori handily beat Andy Murray in his London debut, I still feel confident that this week’s ATP World Tour Finals could be a return to the status quo. After surprise Grand Slam winners (Stan Wawrinka and Marin Cilic) and breakthroughs by the next generation (specifically Kei Nishikori and Milos Raonic), this year may still end with the Big Four claiming the top four spots in the world.

Honestly, even this week in London seems like we have few viable title contenders and a lot of players happy with what they’ve achieved and ready for the year to be over. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, these eight men have achieved a lot this year and this week ultimately should be a celebration of elite tennis regardless the result.

Group A

[1] Novak Djokovic (H2H vs. Wawrinka 15-3, vs. Berdych 16-2, vs. Cilic 10-0)

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