Holding Court Differences In Play

Dmitry Druzhinsky CrossCourt

Comparison of Tennis Playing on Different Courts Surfaces

Holding Court: Differences In Play - Dmitry Druzhinsky

Tennis is a fantastic sport that brings a unique difference to a game that you rarely see in other competitions; the court.  Baseball is always played on a diamond, football is always played on the gridiron, and hockey is always played on ice.  While the size of the tennis court remains the same, there are 4 different court types, and all are used for official play.  Each type of court brings its own special impact to the way the game is played, and certain athletes excel on one surface, and not on others.

Tennis expert Dmitry Druzhinsky News platform believes this one of the best facets of the game.  “We think that the fact that each court is different and that each surface makes for a different experience is wonderful,” Dmitry Druzhinsky further states.  “True, some sports played on grass are sometimes…

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