The Guard: A Change Is Gonna Come

When Rain Stops Play

This was meant to be written/posted prior to yesterday’s final but that somehow didn’t materialise. So it’s been finished off and updated accordingly, but hundreds of people, often of the Proper, Well-Established Writer and/or Actual Journalist types have written pretty similar things in the last 12 hours. Ah well.

I’ll be honest, I’m sick of the phrase “changing of the guard”. It’s been everywhere this year. The commentators love it, the journalists even more – it’s featured in my twitter feed about twice an hour over the last 4 days.

Is the era of the Big Four over? Can Federer genuinely challenge for Grand Slams any more? Do the rest of the players on the tour believe they are capable of winning the sport’s biggest titles? Does Nadal have the physical capacity to remain at the top? Will Murray’s back surgery permanently impact his ability to keep up with the…

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