WTA Predictions for 2014

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It is time once again for Moo’s annual predictions for the WTA.  2014 is going to be an extremely interesting year and as you will see from my predictions, I think some of the hot prospects on tour are really going to make significant breakthroughs.  There have been a  whole host of coaching changes, many high profile, which will add to the intrigue when the season kicks off on the 29th of December.  From last year’s predictions, I correctly predicted 8 out of the top 10 although none in the correct position.  I may also have predicted that Venus Williams and Nadia Petrova would enter the top 10!  Moving swiftly on…

Note: You can read my predictions from previous years by clicking on the links below.

Moo’s WTA Predictions from 2013 HERE

Moo’s WTA Predictions from 2012 HERE

Moo’s Predictions for 2014 WTA year-ending rankings

1. Serena Williams

This year…

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