Caroline Wozniacki: How to stay fit for the whole year

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Exclusive tips from Caroline Wozniacki on ‘How to stay fit all year’:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

wozniacki4Prepare well. “First of all, you need a great off-season. For me, December-time is the base for at least half a year. And, then after Wimbledon, I take another break and work hard so I’m fit for the rest of the year. They’re the basics. I have a fitness guy with me on tour and we keep doing strengthening exercises, prevention exercises and if we don’t play, we do a lot of gym to keep fit and make sure the body is up and running. I think it’s good to have someone there because to do it yourself all the time is not easy. It’s hard to have the discipline.”

wozniacki3Keep working out alongside your tennis. “You can go to the gym during tournaments but it depends if you have matches, how tough it’s been, if you have days off or not. Sometimes it’s just balance work, sometimes it’s core exercises or back work, sometimes it’s a longer session, but it depends how you feel.”

Keep the core strong. “We use the core for everything we do but we don’t think about it in the same way (as the back or the legs etc). The main thing is the big muscles we have in the core are all strong but it’s all the small muscles around them that need to be strong because those are the ones that can tear, especially on the serve if you make a wrong movement. So those are the ones that are extra important to work on because if your core is strong everything you do on the court will be stronger too.”

wozniackiPlan your schedule wisely. “It’s all about listening to your body and what you feel is good for you. It’s very individual, from player to player. Sometimes you will drop a tournament but sometimes you may also need to add a tournament because you thought you’d go far and you don’t. When I plan my schedule, I think OK, what happens if I do well in all these tournaments? How will I feel? In the beginning of the year that’s the thing to take into consideration.”



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