Angelique Kerber: How to hit a forehand down the line

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Exclusive tips from Angelique Kerber on ‘How to hit a forehand down the line’: 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Make sure you’re moving forward, and not backwards, when you hit the ball.

kerberPlay the shot with a little more topspin than you would do if you were going cross-court. ”It’s a more difficult shot than going cross-court because when you go down the line you are trying to hit the ball over the highest point of the net. So play the shot with perhaps a little more topspin than you would a cross-court shot to help lift the ball over the net. But just a little bit, and not too much, as if you hit this flat it is a more aggressive shot.”
kerber5You need to wait for your opportunities to play the shot. “You can’t play this ball when you are somewhere behind the baseline. So you need to wait until you have your chance. If you’re a long way back, it’s better to go for cross-court. Get back into the rally and then, if you have a shorter ball, and you’re moving forward, then go for that forehand down the line.”
kerber3But then when you do hit it, go for it 100 per cent. “You have to trust your shot. Practice lots, because when you’ve played this shot a lot, some day you can do this.”

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