Maria Sharapova still hoping to play WTA Championships

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Maria Sharapova has revealed that she still hopes to play the season-end WTA Championships in Istanbul despite suffering from bursitis in her right shoulder.

sharpie2 sharpie3The 26-year-old Russian last played during August and has been told by doctors that the injury will likely take between two and three months to heal making further participation this season doubtful. During an interview with Larry King on American television she said:

“That’s my goal. I really want to finish with that tournament this year. But I also want to heal my shoulder. It’s going to take as much time as it needs. Bursitis is a bit tricky because there’s not much you can do for it except wait for it to get better. I’m not a patient person so that makes it extremely difficult.”

 sharpieThe world number three originally suffered a career threatening rotator cuff tear on the same shoulder back in 2008. After attempts to rehabilitate the shoulder proved ineffective, Sharapova underwent surgery to repair the tear and spent almost ten months off the tour.
During the interview Sharapova also commented on a number of other issues. Asked to nominate the best match that she has been part of, Sharapova choose the year end championships final in 2007:
 “The one I lost against Justine Henin at the 2007 year-end championships in Madrid. It was like a three-and-half-hour battle, but looking back, that was a fun match to be a part of.”
Sharapova also said that she prefers to keep her distance from fellow players that she competes with:

sharpie4“It’s tough for me to imagine being friendly and having a friendship with someone and then the next day going out on the court and trying to beat them. I don’t think that’s fair. So I avoid it.”
She said her short-lived coaching arrangement with Jimmy Connors broke up due to it being “just not the right fit” and the  “wrong timing with my injury”.
Asked if she holds a grudge against Serena Williams, Sharapova replied:
 “Not at all. A lot of things in press are overplayed.”

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