Wednesday Draw

August 21, 2013New Haven 2nd Round – US Open Qualifications

Wow – there can be no better way to “go out on a high” than retiring after winning Wimbledon.

Thanks Marion for inspiring moments, thrilling victories, real struggle and for making Sabine a believer – we love you always Sabine!

The third set tiebreak in the Cincy final was one of the most amazing segments of tennis you will ever see – the players were just as anxious to see what would happen next as the chair and the fans were. Vika proves she’s over her mid-summer night’s injury problems and Serena just got extra incentive for Flushing Meadows.

Speaking of the US Open, qualifiers who make the main draw actually have to play the equivalent of back-to-back tournaments if they can make it through to the Open. For seeded players, the length and intensity of the qualifying tournament reduces the “upset” factor for qualifiers and lucky losers against the seeds who are playing just as hard in New Haven this week.

Good on Madison Keys for helping with the unveiling of three new courts in her hometown of Rock Island, Illinois – it’s not just about what you do when you get there, it’s also about helping those from the same place you were get there too.

She saw her first baseball game in Cincy – when will Caroline win her first major? No better place than across the parking lot from where the Mets play.

Maybe Wozniacki can take a page from Maria Sharapova’s routine for the second half of this season which has been to focus training schedules and tournament appearances based on achieving peak form and condition for the majors.

Just saw Serena and Venus’ documentary film – amazing, tight editing and content that will make you appreciate (if you didn’t already) what the sisters have gone through to break the barriers they have.

From their final in Palermo to their match up last week, Roberta seems to have Sister Sara’s number in the head-to-head match ups lately. With apologies to Ekat and the Ves, there is no team better on tour at doubles work, rotation and net play. Look for their doubles partnership to make it through the draw at the Meadows.

Many Condolences to the Radwanska sisters on the passing of their grandfather last week.


DJ Skoal


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